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Gaining Control in the Interview

These days, unemployment seems more like a rite of passage than a national epidemic. Students, graduates, and seasoned veterans from all walks of life are being bombarded by headhunters, job search agents, and contract work. Our self-esteem has been reduced to relying on the simple contents of an automated email

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Steps to Getting a Promotion at Work

Some experts believe that a person should start working on getting a promotion the very day he or she starts a new job when in truth, it really isn’t ever too late to work on getting a promotion. Start by implementing the suggestions that follow. Set Personal Goals The first

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How to have a Successful Job Hunt in a Recession

Job-hunting isn’t easy. Even in economies that are flourishing, potential candidates may find that new employment opportunities do not come without fully engaging in their job search. In a recession, hiring freezes become the norm and more individuals find themselves either stuck in a position that they want to get

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