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How to have a Successful Job Hunt in a Recession

Job-hunting isn’t easy. Even in economies that are flourishing, potential candidates may find that new employment opportunities do not come without fully engaging in their job search. In a recession, hiring freezes become the norm and more individuals find themselves either stuck in a position that they want to get out of or with no position at all. Fortunately, there are some things that a person can do to make their job-hunt more successful.

Lower Expectations

In some cases, a pay-cut is inevitable for candidates working for companies that are slashing their workforce yet attempting to pay their employees less for doing more work. If a person sees their career as a continuous progression to better pay and opportunities, then it will be less difficult to take a little less pay.

Don’t be Afraid to Move

It isn’t uncommon for individuals to move themselves and their families for a job opportunity. Each year, thousands of people relocate for a new job that they couldn’t find in their current city. Although some people would never dream of leaving the place they call ‘home’ or the place where they grew up, in a recession, many don’t have an option. Some job hunters will have to face the sad reality that finding a job in their current city is simply not likely to occur.

Focus on Appearance

Unfortunately, looks matter for job seekers. Countless studies have found that people who look good are more likely to get hired, and good-looking people often make more money was well. An article published in the Journal of Labor Economics explained that attractive people earn about five percent more than average-looking colleagues. More promotions are also given to candidates who are nice looking. Although a person can’t change their DNA they do have the ability to change their clothes, hair, and women have the option of applying makeup. Investing in a nice suit or paying for a pricey haircut can make a significant difference for a desperate job hunter.

Work with Your Network

In a recession, the ticket to finding a good job becomes less about what you know and more about who you know. Meeting people, connecting with old friends, colleagues, and anyone else that could potentially assist in a job search is a must. According to a study conducted by the IMPACT Group, the more a person earns the more they need to network. Nearly half of job seekers that make six figures found their new jobs through networking.

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