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Steps to Getting a Promotion at Work

Some experts believe that a person should start working on getting a promotion the very day he or she starts a new job when in truth, it really isn’t ever too late to work on getting a promotion. Start by implementing the suggestions that follow.

Set Personal Goals

The first step is to set goals and objectives for getting a promotion. Some questions to ask include:

What is the exact promotion desired and why?

What will the promotion garnish? For example, will you gain more money, more challenging job duties, and so on?

How will the promotion affect the family?

How will this promotion lead to future promotions?

Set up a time line along with each predetermined step needed to get to the promotion. Increasing sales by 20 percent over the next three months or increasing a client base by 30 percent over the next year are good objectives that will further help determine the needed steps to getting a promotion.

Clean Up Your Image

Update your wardrobe. Get a new haircut. Check your bad attitude and become more cooperative, supportive, upbeat, happy, and confident. Determine skills that need to be updated and start attending workshops and training programs.

Offer to mentor a new employee or ask to be mentored by someone on a higher tier. Be a team player. Look for opportunities to expand job duties and tasks or look for projects that are outside of the dreaded comfort zone. If you aren’t already, become a person of action. Sharpen your follow-up and follow-through skills.

Compile Return-on-Investment

The fastest way to get a promotion is to have good, solid data to show the employer its return-on-investment. Start a “professional accomplishments” file and fill it with accolades and proof of accomplishments, including:

Thank you notes from clients and supervisors.

Copies of performance evaluations.

Records of meeting or exceeding company goals.

Lists of initiatives that were self-generated and completed successfully.

Calculate input in terms of money and time versus output for sales dollars generated or cost-savings realized.

Networking for a Promotion

After completing all of the above, keep in mind that one of the most effective tools for getting a promotion is good old-fashioned networking. The more people in the company who know your name and are aware of your quality of work, level of professional ethics, and willingness to help others, the more your name gets mentioned in a positive light.

There is a really old saying, “out of sight, out of business.” It can easily be applied to getting ahead at work: “Out of sight, out of a promotion.”

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